Stretch hooders

Protect and stabilise your pallets

Ehcolo hood stretcher are a high-tech machine with the best technical and economic solutions. Our hood stretchers are a new way of thinking about pallet stabilization and protection.

Investing in a Ehcolo hood stretch machine reduces the cost per pallet because less film material is used and therefore there is less waste. Achieve a capacity up to 80 pallets per hour.

With a Stretch Hooder from Ehcolo you get a quality machine that gives a high quality impression of your products and your brand. Stretch hooder machines are easy to use and require very little maintenance.

Our two types of hood stretchers offer many benefits, such as cost reductions and ensuring perfect packaging with unique branding options.

At Ehcolo, high quality is in our DNA.

Stretch Hooders

A Stretch Hooder is a solution to stabilize and handle unstable pallet loads and minimize the most prevalent types of damage to loads during transport.

Our stretch hooder type HM80 is sold separate as a stand-alone stretch hooder line, but also often as part of our Turnkey Packing Lines, which consist of different bagging machines, palletizers and stretch hooders.

We recommend you to have a test hooding on our HM80 machine, we have here in our test center, and in that connection you are welcome to visit us.

Showing one roll hood stretcher, but we have also a two roll hooder.

HM80 Stretch Hooder

HM80 is the new generation within Stretch Hood with servo technology, high accuracy and noiseless operation.

Watch our video with our stretch hooder type HM80.

Some notable features

No gusset in film roll

  • so possible to have 4-sided logo on pallet loads
  • much more time between film change as two times amount of film on roll compared to the normal gusseted rolls, same dia 800 mm.
  • One man can change film roll

Automatic on the fly roll change, when two roll stretch hooder

Mechanical opening system (no vacuum/suction) of the tubular film roll, so most reliable and always possible to use up the roll to its end.

Maintenance/service only at floor level, just push a button.

Speed up to 80 pallets per hour

Pallet dimensions all pallet sizes up to 1200 x 1200 mm.

Any pallet load height as any machine height possible.

Compact machine

  • Machine height only 3750 mm at 2000 mm high pallet

Operation very user-friendly HMI.

Remote VPN control

No hydraulic

Servo drives on all main axis

  • High accuracy, low wear and noiseless operation

Onboard OPC-UA server

Easy installation

Very low operation cost’s

Our videos

We supply and install two types of pallet protection/stabilizing machines from our partners, a full range of
stretch wrappers and stretch hooders, this mostly in connection with our turnkey packing lines.

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Ehcolo is specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying Stretch Hooders. We are being successfully exported throughout the world.

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